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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by Pyre, Aug 24, 2019.

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  1. Pyre

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    I understand Summoner skills give you some bonuses once you have acquired 20+ of each type, as you highlighted on the other topic.

    However, the description of Power of the Sea reads:

    "Obtains the power of the Spirt of Sea. Increases healing skills by 10%. If more than 20 skill points are invested in seafood-based skills, the the effectiveness of healing increases by another 20%."


    As I said in the previous topic, my HP increased from 6640 to 7790 EXACTLY when I put my last skill point on Power of the Sea... but neither the description of the skill says anything about additional HP, nor do I have 20 points on seafood-based skills.

    What I have right now is: Fresh Shrimp Lv3, Bunch of Shrimp Lv5, Tuna Belly Lv5, Tuna Party Lv3 and Power of the Sea Lv1. This sums up to 17 seafood-based skills only.


    I don't know why I got extra Hp. If it is intended, then I'll be happy to accept my extra hit points XD But since it's weird, I just wanted to be sure it's not an "exploit" of my part to have it.

    Maybe it's just an issue of the description not telling everything the skill does.
  2. Lucky

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    Fixed description of the skill. Thank you for the report.
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