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Discussion in 'Discussions and Questions' started by Romiste, Oct 31, 2019.

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  1. Romiste

    Romiste New Member

    So let me summary :
    - you can now do beelz/valk and other MVPs HL on map with only 2 characters
    - we can't clean bio mobs anymore on map with these TP changes (I did not test it on bio mobs but we did on banshees) ?
    - and you give free items like CK/Proxy/IcePick/Diab&Valk loot without killing anything ?

    Plus, the BB quest is cheaper.

    So is your goal to kill the minimum requirement gameplay to have for doing those MVPs on map ?
    It's a lost of time for people like me trying to create a team and doing big mvps on map with legacy strategies.

    You should give us the @items commands and turn your serv to High Rate, it will be easier for everybody.

    Anyways, in my opinion you just kill your serv yourself by changing basic mechanics already patched by Gravity years ago.
  2. Largo

    Largo Member

    Hi Lucky,

    in the suggestions before we asked you to maybe remove the teleport skill of Wounded Morroc only because people made it teleport on purpose, that never happend on other bosses. So removing the teleport skill for all bosses and also mobs was a overkill even if you had good intention behind it.

    Like Romiste already said , the needed party play for all the high bosses like Beelzebub died with this change, you can just put him in icewall and yolo all skills in his face without him teleporting. That needs to be changed as soon as possible. It also killed some other bosses that usualy teleport all the time like Mistress and Lady Tanee (in know they are annoying) but without teleport ist just a overkill again.

    About the high tier items from that event i have mixed feelings. It could be a good chance for new players to get a good item so they dont have to compete with old players that are fully geared already. Also the items are account bound so u cant sell or trade it anyways.

    Also when you click on the link of the items they have no Card slot in it. I dont know if they still have a Card Slot because i made this quest 1 time for testing Purpose, also another guy i know did it and we both only got the feather beret. I guess the chances are pretty low or we are just really unlucky.

    The rest of this event seems fine for now but if i find other stuff i gonna tell it here in forums anyways
  3. Gaddem

    Gaddem Member

    Hi all,

    Can't agree more. Only the competition and toxic behavior happen with Satan Morroc. What's why it should be apply to only him. Romiste and Largo already explained very well the created problems with the option you took. Making big parties to kill big MVPs was the only fun gameplay on PvM I had :'(
    +1111111111 please apply it only to that MVP, and fix it super quick before too much abuse from the players.

    About event hunting mission, I don't have a straight point of view. Can be a little bit overkill to get a CK with 2 hours of farming easy things but well, I don't know. Maybe the bad side of it is : if you give even the hard things easily, then people will not have any aim anymore in playing. Maybe just make it a little bit harder ?

    I didn't test battleground yet, but overall you did great changes in that update. Everything gonna be perfect soon ! Thanks.
  4. Leaf

    Leaf Member

    Ok, but by that logic why removing the teleport at all, you always have the option to bring a party and simply tank it. /ok
  5. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator


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