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    Unity we go.PNG
    • Unity is a brazilian guild focused mainly in WoE(but we also like doing PVE) who has already passed for like 4~5 RO servers, always looking for new challenges, now we decided that arsRO was the best place for we to find what we are looking for :)
    • Currently we have a total of 16 player, me as leader and also RRTR and Guillotine as co-leaders.
    • We are looking for loyal members who knows the basic of portuguese or spanish, others criterias will be analyzed for me(Tryfeelz nick ingame) at the moment of the interview to joins us.
    • Unity's point is Louyang @go 14
    • About most needed classes will be discussed at the interview, always prioritizing your fun :D

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    Ae porra NOIIISSS
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    you guys still WoEing ?