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    I did talk in pms with different guild leaders about WoE.
    Some answered, some not, some make me confused.

    Old topic: Important - Preparing for WOE (discussion)

    When WoE?
    • Sunday
    • 03 Feb 2019
    • Start time: 21:00 (server time (UTC))
    • End Time: 22:00 (server time (UTC))
    • Castle: Vidblainn
    • No max members restrictions
    • But hwid checks against dual logins on WoE
    • Dorams can't join WoE

    Treasures reward requirements:
    More than 30 players join the woe = treasure boxes will be spawned.
    Less than 30 players join the WoE = treasure boxes will not be spawned.
    The rule applied just for current server population and for now and can be changed in future. The main sense of this = do not give rewards to people who not playing at all. Give rewards only for people who do WoE, and fight for it.

    How requirements calculated?
    It's easy to track by stats on the website, it's easy to make a check like how many people in the castle, or average people in the castle during WoE (check every minute) and make some average median line. We will prepare it in the next update (On Saturday Morning)

    Why 30?
    30 = ~2 guilds.
    If less then 2 guilds = and only 1 playing WoE there is no sense for us to give rewards from treasure boxes for people who idling on WoE, or just for only one guild on WoE.

    It's fair for us, and for simple players.
    Because we will prepare good rewards for castle drop.

    What about Saturday?
    The Saturday WoE under consideration, I still wait for response from some guild leaders about Saturday WoE, some can't at some time, some another can't WoE in another time. I plan to make the next type of WoE on Saturday.

    1. It's fun WoE for everyone
    2. Day: Saturday
    3. WoE Type: WoE First Edition
    4. Castle: GreenWood 4
    5. WoE Start: somewhere around 15:00 (UTC) (server time)
    6. WoE End: somewhere around 16:00 (UTC) (server time)
    7. No guild restrictions, capacity restrictions, etc.
    8. Same rules for this WOE for castle drop like for WoE 2.0
    9. Dorams Can't Join WoE

    About Time - not sure yet.
    I still waiting for a response from people who will play there.
    But everything looks like this.
    About Sunday = 100% correct time.
    About time on Site = 100% correct time.

    Also, within the next update, we will add NPC which will display a timer before WoE, castle information and etc information.

    Also later we will post (within the next update) info about castle drop.
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