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Discussion in 'News' started by Lucky, Jan 30, 2019.

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    Based on this topic: Important - Preparing for WOE (discussion)
    • WoE days: Sunday only (until we will grow)
    • Start time: 20:00 (London @time in the game or check server time bar on the site)
    • End Time: 22:00 (some guilds asked for 19:00-21:00, some for 21:00-23:00), I think it will be compromised.
    • WoE Type: Second Edition
    • WoE Castle: Vidblainn which is rotated to another castle every 2-3 weeks (but the owner will be the same as on the previous castle)
    • WoE Rewards: treasure boxes will spawn if at least 40 players join the WoE event (easy to track by WoE ranks for example, or automatically by script). Treasures boxes will be modified within the next update and information about drop will be posted within the update.
    • Restrictions: no dual logins on the WoE map
    • Max Guild Capacity on the map: 20 players (for example you have guild capacity 76 members, and you wish to join the WoE) all members > 20 who're on non woe map and tries to enter WoE map will be redirected to their savepoints.
    • Important Rule: if idle woe = no rewards. Idle woe = woe when less than 40 players playing it. Not double windows, or second / 3rd accounts, but real 40 players on WoE.

    Changes related to WoE will be applied within the next update on Friday/maximum Saturday
    morning. Information about Treasure drop under our internal discussion and will be available within the next update.

    First WoE:
    • Sunday 03 February 2019
    • Castle: Vidblainn
    • Start: 20:00, end 22:00

    Let's just begin, and tune it as you need with time. :foxevil::foxstalk: