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    We're aiming for a full-fledged WoE 2.0. We have everything for this purpose, different mechanics fixes which allow to refuse from mbk guild on WoE, and also various helpful @commands, and possibilities for the maximum FPS. (RCX)

    Guild Wars on all maps: (only for people who wants this)

    We also plan to add guild locations. In addition, we already have various possibilities for fighting between the guilds on the fields, except for the cities.

    To do this, just mark the guild with which you want to fight as an antagonist (right button on the guild, and the same action from enemy guild required too) and it provides you with wars at all locations in the game.

    WoE Days and WoE Time:
    This is an open question, and it is up to the players who want to take part in the WoE. We do not plan to launch WoE earlier than 2 weeks after the launch of the project (we believe that the minimum time to prepare for the battles).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.