Zeny guide. Spots and chars.

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    If you are a new player you probably noticed that the items are sold at a maximum price of 10k.
    This to maintain an economy in the server that so far (in my opinion) has worked.
    So, some places are better than others. some are totally obsolete.

    Obsolete places:
    -Mavkas: there are very few mavkas, so the time you spend compared to the zeny you get, it's just not worth it.

    -Brasilis: With server rates, killing iaras is not worth it. mirror in 50% and rose in 25%. Even though the mob density is high, there are a couple of places that are better than this one.

    Recommended places:
    -Sphinx lvl 5: Pasanas are, without a doubt, the best option to get zeny with a moderately equipped character. drops stiletto at 75% and undershirt at 50%. the mob density is good. although there are some annoying mobs (mimics) and others quite strong (anubis). plus a MvP prowling the area.

    -Geffenia: incubus and succubus drops gold ring and mastela fruit in 100% and diamond ring in 75%. You need a character well equipped to kill quickly and easily and be efficient enough not to go to pasanas. Another advantage is that there are potentially expensive cards in that place like Incubus and abysmal knight, which you can sell for a few extra millions. For some reason, these cards are droped at 0.50% (unlike the majority that are at 1%). You can also find executioner and other swords in the area that throw the stones to build level 4 weapons. The best level to find incubus and succubus is level 3, but I recommend you wander a bit for others, at least for kill the swords.

    -Desert wolfs: probably the best option for a new player or a character with little equipment. They drop stiletto in 70%. They are very easy and the mob density is very good. you can go to this map by means of the warper "fields> veins> field04".

    -Sniper: This is the character that can do anything. The most flexible character but is not the best when it comes to getting zeny. The low load capacity sends it to the second place. But if saving objects in storage does not bother you, it is a fairly fast character, it is long range and does not need additional buffs.

    -Whitesmith: the king of kings (as far as zeny is concerned). You can buy cheaper and sell more expensive, has a good movement speed and kills most mobs at a single blow (with enough investment). "The negative part" is that you need an element in your weapon (endow / aspercio), as well as a very strong weapon.
    Weapons like doom slayer or orcish axe (with 4 zipper bear) are very easy to get and they are enough, but the amount of sp that they consume makes the process a bit difficult.

    Tips and comments:
    I recommend you bring myst case card and mimic card while farm zeny.
    You can get items like gold, emperium and dyestuffs that are used in different quest and/or sold in the market.
    If you are lucky, you can get some items like hurricane fury or elemental katars from the OBB.
    the rest of the garbage sells well to npc so it's extra zeny.

    another card that I recommend is earth deleter card, you recover 10 of each each you kill with a MELEE attack (I'm sure that in the past this card worked with the sniper, but that's not the case).
    Flapping angel wings are very nice for the extra movement speed. you can carft them on Cataquester #6
    Infinite fly wing is very nice also. saves a lot of time and weight capacity. Is in cataquester #11. or buy one on the market (10-12m).

    A while ago I saw a stalker killing Pasanas, the rogue is the king in the low-rate (yes, I know of the OI monk), but with the rates of this server I do not think it's worth it. stealing an additional dagger or garment is very good, but you would need a balance between killing fast and not hitting too hard to activate the auto-steal.

    You can turn"farming dead branch" into a way to make something extra zeny.
    Just equip a Lunakaligo and that's it. With that, you will get "+5 dex foods" every time you kill a plant monster.
    you could also use it for desert wolf and get str + 3 foods.
    Champ farmer?...
    Previously you could do this with a supernovice, equip a lunakaligo with sidewinder. have discount, overcharge, bless, agi and sp recovery in the same character but it does not work anymore (at least on this server).

    and that's all for now, if you know of any other character, method or area let us know. obviously I omitted some for being inefficient at these rates but anyway.

    good luck and have fun.
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